Skulls and Drills is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Our aim is to make brain surgeries possible for those who need it but cannot afford it.


Logo of Skulls and Drills - a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission is to make brain surgeries possible for all those in the world who need it but cannot afford it.


The brain is the organ of destiny. It holds within its humming mechanism secrets that will determine the future of the human race.
Dr. Wilder Penfield, American-Canadian Neurosurgeon
Who we are and What do we do
Skulls and Drills was founded by Rhea and Ranya Sharma. It strives to make brain surgeries available for those who need it and are unable to afford it. We understand the fatal outcomes that can result when one receives inadequate or no treatment, so we work to alleviate this huge issue. Through donations, we provide financial help for those unable to afford care for brain related injuries. Our overall vision is to partner with doctors and hospitals worldwide, to provide aid for these victims of brain trauma.
Statistics and deaths globally due to TBI
Nearly 1.5 to 2 million people experience traumatic brain injuries each year in India, and around 1 million of them die. In America, deaths due to head injuries account for 34% of all deaths related to trauma. This issue is massive, and action needs to be taken to alleviate it.
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