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Skulls and Drills works again with Dr. Sonal Gupta

New Delhi – June 6, 2022 By Ranya Sharma

Skulls and Drills once again joined hands in February of 2022 with Dr. Sonal Gupta – leading neuro surgeon at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi – to help Mr. Rajeev Maheshwari who had a brain hemorrhage and was critical when he was brought in to Fortis Hospital.

With the help of Skulls and Drills, Fortis Hospital and expertise of Dr. Gupta, Mr. Maheshwari is finally on the path of recovery.

Hear Dr. Sonal Gupta and Vanshika Maheshwari describe their success story in their own words.

Skulls and Drills joins hands with Dr. Sonal Gupta

New Delhi – July 24, 2021 By Ranya Sharma

Skulls and Drills joined hands with Dr. Sonal Gupta – a leading neuro surgeon at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi to help a 19 year old patient who was struggling with a brain infection resulting from lack of proper treatment after a TBI in 2019.

The patient met with an accident in a remote village in 2019. He was operated in a nearby hospital but due to lack of proper medical resources, the treatment was unsuccessful and the patient was immobile for several months. After a long struggle with surgeries and infections, the family brought him to Dr. Sonal Gupta at Fortis Hospital. Due to persistent financial restrains, surgery and treatment was being delayed and the threat of an infection spreading through patient’s brain was imminent. That’s when Skulls and Drills extended their helping hand.

With the help of Skulls and Drills, Fortis Hospital and expertise of Dr. Gupta, the patient is finally on the path of recovery. After his surgery in July 2021, he is walking independently  and speaking normally.

Hear Dr. Sonal Gupta describe the challenging surgery in her own words.

Skulls and Drills featured for Student Volunteering

Barrington – March 8, 2021

By Ranya Sharma

Skulls and Drills was featured in the March issue of Quintessential Barrington in an article titled “Student Volunteering Victories”. Click on link below to view the article.


Quintessential Barrington talked with Lisa Horcher, the Barrington High School Student Volunteer Program Coordinator about student volunteering activities and organizations and the impact of the pandemic on student volunteering opportunities.

Skulls and Drills was applauded for “switching gears” during the pandemic and contributing to COVID-19 relief efforts by sewing masks for the community and making cards for seniors in nursing homes as part of their “Words of Warmth” initiative. 

Humanity Rising Voices

Chicago – Mar 3, 2021 

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Face masks for Surgery Weekend volunteers

Chicago – Nov 8, 2020 

By Emily Yang

Skulls and Drills, working with student volunteers from Barrington High School, delivered 207 face masks to Fresh Start.

Read about it here in the Fresh Start Nov 2020 newsletter:

Fresh Start is an organization that positively transforms the lives of infants all the way to teens. Their goal is to aid disadvantaged children who lack health insurance or cannot afford medical care. Specifically, Fresh Start’s goal is to help those disadvantaged children reconstruct physical deformities, such as birth defects, accidents, abuse or disease, through surgery and related medical health care. The program includes plastic surgeries, speech therapy, audiology, ophthalmology, health education, and others.

Skulls and Drills teamed up with students at Barrington High school to sew masks for Fresh Start. These students are:

Sophia Denison

Ranya Sharma

Rachel Marcotti

Rhea Sharma

Alexia Lee

Sarah Abunaser

All together, they made a total of 207 masks! It takes a lot of effort to make these masks from buying cloth to learning how to use the sewing machine. These students definitely had inspiration.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still going strong, there is a shortage of medical masks. These medical masks really should be reserved for medical professionals. However, cloth masks are an alternative and a good secondary option. Plus, you can customize cloth masks, which is a lot of fun!

Because these ambitious students were able to sew cloth masks, the Fresh Start reconstructive surgeries could continue. A lot of public places require masks, especially hospitals. The masks that these students made could probably go to the kids receiving treatment or even nurses and doctors as a last resort.

Covid-19 has impacted many in a negative manner, but these students refused to let the disadvantaged kids who need reconstructive surgery down. These Barrington High School students’ passion for this cause is shown through the hard work they put in making 207 cloth masks. And, they had fun doing it !

Fresh-Start-November 2020 E-Newsletter

Recognition from Northwest Community Hospital

Chicago – July 23, 2020 

By Ranya Sharma

Thank you Northwest Community Hospital for the kind words.

Letter from Michael Hartke, Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice President, Northwest Community Healthcare.

Opened in 1959, Northwest Community Healthcare serves more than 350,000 outpatients from Chicago’s northwest suburbs each year and more than 20,000 inpatients treated annually at the 489-bed acute care hospital in Arlington Heights. The hospital is designated as a Primary Stroke Center. NCH has four Immediate Care locations in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and operates an NCH Easy Access walk-in clinic in Palatine, Illinois.

NCH has a medical staff of more than 1,000 physicians, which includes the board-certified primary care doctors and specialists of the NCH Medical Group.

Skulls and Drills Featured in the News

Chicago – Jan 20, 2020 

By Ranya Sharma

Thank you Daily Herald for publishing our story.

The Daily Herald is a daily newspaper based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. The newspaper is distributed in the northern, northwestern and western suburbs of Chicago.