Words of Warmth

A picture of a Happy Holidays greeting card

Chicago – Nov 8, 2020

By Ranya Sharma

To those who have contacted us about making masks – Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Skulls and Drills ! We have successfully concluded our mask making project. We donated 204 masks to the Fresh Start Foundation. Click here to read about our partnership with Fresh Start Foundation.

We are now working on ‘Words of Warmth’ project for seniors in nursing homes. This project needs hand made holiday cards with a personal handwritten message written inside. Many of our senior citizens are experiencing isolation and loneliness during these difficult times of social distancing. Hand written holiday cards – including a personal note / letter – telling them about something interesting can add warmth to this season.

We are collecting these cards by November 30th 2020 and will be delivering them to elders in senior communities.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. You are writing to an elderly residing in a nursing home – “Thinking of you” should be the theme of your letter.
  2. Do not include a date.
  3. Make it personal – address the person as “Dear friend”
  4. Introduce yourself and why are you writing. Sign off using your first name.
  5. Be thoughtful – Create a unique message that comes from your heart.
  6. Be Creative – you can use colors, pictures, collages, drawings – anything that makes your card/letter personal and exciting.
  7. Refrain from writing about religious and political views.
  8. Make sure that your handwriting is large print and clean – easy to read.
  9. Envelop each card / letter.

You can create as many as you can by the deadline. We will pick them up from you !

Thank you,

Skulls and Drills team

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