Skulls and Drills continues making fabric face masks during Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic

Chicago – May 7, 2020 

By Ranya Sharma

Hello all, we hope this message finds you well!

During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have sewn approximately 300 masks and have been donating them to our community.

On April 29 th , we donated 33 masks to Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, IL.

After speaking with the hospital staff, we learned of how the health of children is increasingly harmed due to the shortage of masks. For this reason, we are currently making pediatric masks for children of 3 years and above.

If you can sew and would like to help us with our endeavor, please contact us at

9 thoughts on “Skulls and Drills continues making fabric face masks during Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic

  1. Thank you so much for the masks! As someone with asthma, having the mask that you made for me, makes me feel very comfortable when I do have to leave my home for essential items. In addition, the one with the sequin in quite stylish :-)!!

  2. I was very impressed with the safety masks made by Skulls and Drills. The masks were well fitted, comfortable and had a “filter pocket” that allowed for an added layer of protection. The masks were reversible and very attractive!

  3. I am on immunosuppressant medications due to an organ transplant and very susceptible to contracting illnesses. Online mask shortages left me unprotected from COVID-19. I was so grateful to receive the beautifully designed and carefully crafted masks by the ladies of Skulls and Drills. They are so comfortable to wear, stylish, and washable. What a tremendous gift to me and my family. You are keeping us safe during this pandemic. Thank you!!!

  4. Your masks are great and comfortable to wear. I put a bounce sheet in the secret pocket to keep it smelling fresh throughout the day. You are very generous. Thank you. Good to see young people taking action. Keep it up!

  5. Thank you so much for these masks! They are very comfortable to wear all day long and are of nice quality. They fit snugly and stay up well without being too tight around the ears. They allow for comfortable breathing without restrictions. We love that they can be washed and reused without damaging the shape of the mask. Furthermore, we love the beautiful fabric that you used and the wide variety of colors and styles. We are so proud of you for helping the community during this unprecedented time!

  6. Ranya, many thanks to you and your sister for stepping up to protect the health and safety of our community. I’ve received many compliments on the sequin design of my mask. It’s beautiful! As I shared with your mom, you are truly leading and working to save lives!

  7. Thank you so much for the masks! They have been incredibly helpful. They are so comfortable and cute! Keep up the great work girls!

  8. Skulls and Drills came to the rescue when my daughter needed face coverings for work. The coverings were timely and they fitted perfectly! Keep up the great work!

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